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Jiangyin Hualong Stainless Steel Tube and Tubular Co.,Ltd. is Situated in Jiangyin, one of the most prosperous cities in China, nearing Shanghai on the east, neighboring Nanjing on the west, the traffic is convenient.

Hualong is in a total area of 15000 square meter. Huaxin has a wide variety of modern precision equipment. With excellent technology and extensive research and development . Such as cold drawing machines,cold rolling machines, bright annealing furnaces,  cleaning system for high clean tube, and intact detection system.

Hualong is a manufacturer of high precision seamless and cold drawn welded stainless steel tubing and has more than 20 years experience.Hualong can produce many high precision tubes, of example--I.D mirror-finished stainless steel tube with an inside surface roughness of Ra:0.15um. The products are extensively used in air cylinder, semiconductor BA Tube/Pipe, biochemical industry, sanitary, heat exchanger, sensor, thermocouple, themosensor,  automobile parts, instrumentation Tubing, medical equipment, textile machine,   pharmaceutical industry,  chemical fibre equipment,   food, pen, aviation, etc..

Jiangyin Hualong Stainless Steel Tube and Tubular Co.,Ltd. are not only tube producers, but also tube fabricating specialists, we can assist you in design and solve your most difficult parts.

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